Q: What is included in the new version?

Benefits of the new version include a fresh design, messaging services between teacher and student accounts, and printable award certificates. 

Q How do I activate the new version?

Click here once logged in to your TTRS account: http://www.ttrsonline.com/Settings?style=new  or click on Settings -> Style -> New.

Q Can I return to the old version if I want to?

Yes, you can do clicking on Settings -> Style -> Old 

Please note that we are upgrading all users automatically to Version 2 of the Touch-type Read and Spell Course by 1st October 2018. After this time, your students will no longer be able to revert to the previous version.

Q How do my users update to the new style?

Each student will need to click on Settings -> Style -> New to activate this new version:

  1. Log in as the student and select Settings on the left hand menu

 2. Scroll down the list until you reach Style and then select Version 2 

3. The student will now be upgraded to the new version. Select Continue to resume the course. 

Q Will any of my data be affected by changing to the new style?

This is a visual update with new features. Your students' data and settings will not be changed.

Q I have feedback / a requested feature

Great! Please get in touch and let us know.

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