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Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award
Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award

Using TTRS for the skills section of the DofE Award

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Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS) is an approved activity provider for the DofE scheme.

What section of the DofE award scheme can I use TTRS for?

Learning to touch-type with TTRS meets the requirements of the skills section of the DofE award scheme.

What level of award can I use TTRS for?

You can use TTRS for the bronze, silver and gold awards.

How long do I need to use TTRS for each award level?

Please see the official DofE website here for full details of how long you have to participate in an activity to complete it for each award level.

Do I have to complete the whole TTRS course to complete the skills section?

Everybody progresses at their own individual rate when learning to type with TTRS, so we do not require participants to complete the whole TTRS course or reach a specified level. However, we expect participants to be using TTRS regularly (approximately one hour per week) for the required timescale.

Do I need to find someone to be my assessor?

No, we have our own internal assessor, Liz Day, who has supported DofE students in school as a teacher. Please ensure you let us know that your student/ child is using TTRS as part of their DofE award, then, we will ensure you are connected with Liz, who will check the participant's progress and sign off the section when it is completed.
You will need to provide a DofE participant ID number so we can complete the report online.

Do you offer any benefits to DofE students?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on your first payment by using the code DOFE2023 when you subscribe.

How do I get started?

Once you have subscribed, please see our Quick Start Guide for home users here.

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