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Age profile and providing individual attention

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What will your class look like?

A common age for students to begin the TTRS course is between 7 - 10 years old.

However, age is no barrier, and many students make the commitment to the program further on into their schooling. 

TTRS is also an appropriate solution for adults. 

Can someone be too young or too old?

TTRS is age neutral. The significant characteristic for how early to begin is that the hands are mature enough to sit comfortably on the keyboard – usually by age seven.

Our oldest successful users have been in their eighties and nineties, having never lost their hope for improved literacy. This gives teachers and tutors a very large target market from which to draw.

Providing individual attention

Students work through the TTRS course at their own pace, and can share classroom sessions very successfully with other individuals who are at different stages within the course. However, unless you are running a family literacy programme, many adults feel embarrassed to share a class with children.

In a classroom, it is recommended that the learning ratio does not exceed 10 x students for every 1 x teacher.

Classroom setup

In terms of classroom set-up, the best layout is one where you can see all the workstations from a single central position.

Student accounts can be grouped as classes within the teacher administration console. 

Adult learners

Adult learners can benefit enormously from the TTRS course. However, some adults who have spent many years 2-finger typing by the good old “hunt and peck” approach may feel temporarily frustrated by being slowed down as they learn this new method that discourages looking down at the keyboard, so patience is required.

It may help to remind your student that mastering touch typing at whatever age frees up brain power for other things, and sets up learners with a skill for life - so it’s well worth persisting.

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