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Getting started checklist for tutors

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  • I have received the login and password via email and understand how to log in to the Administrator account.

  • I have completed the first 10 modules in Level 1 of the TTRS course as a teacher, so I can anticipate any difficulties my student will go through. 

  • I have added students to my account so my learners can get started. Guide: How to add users

  • I have printed or emailed the login details for my students.

  • I have shown my students how to log in using their own computer or iPad (where applicable). Guide: Log in as a student

  • I have advised my learners on correct posture and where applicable, the configuration of TTRS Settings.

24/7 help is available when you log in to your TTRS Admin account or alternatively you can email support@readandspell.com

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