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The TTRS Reporting Phone App
The TTRS Reporting Phone App

Getting started guide

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What is the TTRS Reporting App?

TTRS Reporting is a free app for your Apple or Android phone which compliments your Online Subscription to Touch-type Read and Spell.

Parents & teachers can:

  • Save time with quick actions - view your child or student's progress and see how often they're logging in

  • Receive notifications - Turn on specific alerts that matter to you - including when your child or student completes a level or receives a perfect score

  • Priority support - Send a message to our team through the app - and when we respond, you will be notified instantly on your phone

Teachers can additionally:

  • Manage students and classes - create and manage classes and add or delete users

  • Communicate through messages - send messages and email certificates of completion through TTRS

You only need to log in to the app once, so all of these actions are available from a few taps.

How do I get started?

Download the app on Google Play Store (For Android phones) or the Apple App Store (For Apple phones) by searching for "TTRS Reporting"

Direct links to download the App:

Apple iPhone: download here

Google Android: download here

Login page

Once you have downloaded the app, select the icon on your phone and enter your email and password.

Activity feed

The first page you will see after logging in is the Activity page. Just like on the web version, this shows a glance of learner activity in time order.

Touch the icons at the bottom of the page to navigate between the different menus. Select a speech bubble next to a name to message a learner directly.


Select your learner or for teachers, use class view, to see performance & usage statistics.

For Parents

On this page you can:

  • View your child's progress by selecting their name

  • Swipe to view their completion certificates, or send messages

For Teachers

On this page you can:

  • View student progress by selecting a name

  • Add students by selecting the 3 dot icon on the top right

  • Swipe a name to view a certificate, message students, or delete a user

  • View classes

Students - Classes menu

Select the Classes tab to view your list of classes. Use the + button to add a new class.


Use this menu to chat to students in real-time. Select a name to start chatting.


On the settings page you can view your subscription details, contact our support team, view help articles, or log out. You can also update your profile picture.

Push notifications

In settings, click push notifications - from here you can customize which notifications you want to receive.


Can I use the TTRS course on the app?

TTRS Reporting is designed for parents, teachers and tutors as a reporting tool to view student progress at a glance and perform quick actions. To access the course, log in using a computer or iPad.

Is my phone compatible?

If you have an Android device or iPhone that's up to 3-4 years old and has access to the App Store and the Internet - your phone should be compatible. The newer the phone, the faster the app will be.


If you have any issues with the app, please contact us via the app or email

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