The administrator console is the central location for setting up and administering your students, and for monitoring individual student progress. 

In this article, we will go through each menu item individually with a description of each one.

Click here to see a video tutorial on how to log into your admin account.

Activity Feed

The activity feed gives you a summary of the student's latest activity in time order. 

Updates include when a student:

  • completes a module or level

  • is inactive for more than 7 days

You can send a message by clicking on Send Message under the name

TTRS Course

Click on any of the Levels to preview specific modules as you familiarise yourself with the course structure.

Administrator and Teacher accounts have full access to the TTRS Course which can be used for demo purposes or for personal use.


You can message your users in real time. Select or search for a student on the left hand side to start. The student will be notified on their system and by email (if an email has been added to their account)

Learn more about messages


Stats contains details of your students’ progress to date.


Within Students set up new student users

Learn more about adding students (Home account) or adding students (Education/tutor account)


Settings allows you to make changes to your account and the default settings which will be applied to all new student accounts

Learn more about settings

Side menu:

Log out


Subscription is used to view your current billing profile


The Support page contains a number of reference resources.

Log Out

When you are finished, click Log Out.

The Students, Settings and Stats areas of the teacher console will be explored in more detail in separate articles.

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