TTRS Subject courses have been created by teachers who are experts in their field. They are designed to be used in three ways:

  • To support classroom learning

  • As a preview of course content

  • Or as additional practice and review of previously learned material. 

The benefits of these subject specific learning modules include:

  • Enhanced familiarity with key terms as part of a self-study or certification/exam preparation program

  • Greater sight reading ability for high-frequency vocabulary, which can positively impact on reading fluency and speed

  • Automatized spelling which encourages productive language use for typed homework assignments, essays and work-releated documentation

  • Improved reading comprehension skills in subjects where a student is struggling, an adult is working, or an individual has a personal interest

As per the TTRS course, the subjects are structured as follows:

  • There are a maximum of 31 modules in each level

  • Each module is designed to be short in length with regular, positive feedback

  • Every 5th module is a dictation module which relies on the auditory element to reinforce learning

We recommend that students have completed the first three levels of the main course before using TTRS Subjects. This ensures that they are familiar with the keys and the correct touch-typing technique is applied.

Accessing Subjects

Admins, Teachers and Students can access the Subjects menu. To access Subjects:

  1. Click on Subjects on the main menu's top navigation bar.

2. Select a subject from the list.

Note: The UK and US flags indicate subjects designed for that curriculum. 

3. Click on a level then select a module to preview the wordlist, or start the course.

You can also access the spelling assessment of each level by selecting "Spelling assessment" in the top right corner inside a level.

Admins and Teachers can monitor progress by selecting Subjects in the Student Stats list.

Did you know you can create your own subjects? Learn more

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