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Adding students (Education subscription)
Adding students (Education subscription)

How to add students to your account

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Adding students to your account

Watch this short video tutorial on how to add students or follow the steps below.

To access your student list within the teacher console, select Students from the top menu.

There are several ways you can add students.

Best for adding multiple users:

1. By shareable link -

This allows you to share a unique link with your students so they can sign up to a student account themselves 

2. Import from a spreadsheet -

Download an Excel sheet and import multiple students at once - Learn more 

3. Add manually -

Add your students one by one

4. Import from TTRS Classic -

Import a file from the classic version of TTRS - Contact our team for assistance

1. How to add students by shareable link

Select Add student > Get Sharable link

You can choose to (1) copy or (2) email the link by selecting the icons on the right

Select Okay, quit to close the window

2. How to add students from a spreadsheet

3. How to add students manually

To add new users manually, select Add Student  > Add Manually

Enter the name of the student you wish to add. If you enter an email address, the account login details will be sent directly to the student. If you don't, you will need to provide them with their login and password - see the below section on viewing student details. 

Note, that students must be added one at a time with this method. Select Invite one more student to add further students.

Select Add Students at the bottom of the screen. Your new student accounts have now been created.

4. How to import students from TTRS Classic

Get in touch with our team for assistance with this - Contact us

Viewing student account details 

View the account name and password details for your new student accounts and print a list to share with learners.

Select Actions > Print passwords to view the login details of each student.

How do my students log in?

If you entered an email address when adding a student account, the login details would have been sent automatically to them, along with a link to the login page.

If you didn't add an email, you will need to provide students with their usernames and passwords and direct them to visit to log in to the program.

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