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Create your own typing modules
Create your own typing modules

Add your own spelling lists and other keywords and phrases

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Why create a subject within TTRS?

  • You are a parent who wants to work through specific spelling lists or material with your child

  • You are a teacher and would like students to take modules that match your classroom wordlists

  • You are a tutor and would like to create custom modules to help your tutees

  • You are an adult learner and would like to drill words that support your work, school, or personal goals

Tips on how to create good modules:

  • Enter 3-5 words separated by a space or one sentence per line 

  • Avoid using extra punctuation as users must type every mark that they enter

  • Limit your text to five lines, to keep module length reasonable  

How do I create a subject and share it?

Follow this link to watch a video tutorial on creating your own subjects or continue to follow the steps below.

Create a subject and share it with your child, student(s), or class in minutes.

Step 1 - Visit the Subjects page from the top menu and select Add new subject

Step 2 - Enter a subject name and select a language (UK English / US English / ES Spanish) and select Create

Step 3 - Start typing your words in the box that says write your module text here

To add a new line, select the box underneath.

Select Module Name to add a name (e.g. Module 1, Spelling list week 5).

Add images

For visual learners, there is an option to add an image to each line. To add an image, select the photo icon at the end of the line.

Select Choose file and select an image from your computer.

Adjust the image where necessary, certify that you have permission to use the image and then select Add image.

The image will then appear in a module like this:

Top tips when creating a module:

  • Enter 3-5 words separated by a space or one sentence per line

  • Use repetition where possible 

  • Limit your text to 5 lines to keep module length reasonable

  • Add images to reinforce learning

Select Save when you have finished creating a module.

Your subject is saved and your first module has been created. To add another module, select the "Add new module" button. 

Top tips:

  • You can add as many modules as you want, but we recommend limiting the number of modules to 30 for a level

  • Consider dividing your subject into levels if you have more than 30 modules of material

Adding more levels

You can split your subjects into different levels.

To add a level, select Create new level and give your level a name (e.g. Level 2) and select Create.

You can toggle between levels and add further modules.

Sharing the Subject with your child, student(s), or class(es)

When you are ready to share your subject, select Actions and then Share subject.

You'll have the option to share it with individual students, all students, individual classes or all classes.

The custom subject will then appear under the All subjects and My subjects tabs in a student's account.

To delete a subject, select Actions and then Delete subject from within the subject creator window.

Only Administrator accounts, Teachers, and Adult learners can create and delete subjects within TTRS.

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