Step 1 - Add student(s)

On the Admin account - select Students on the top menu, select Add new students then select Add manually from the drop-down menu. 

Enter the names of the students you wish to add, then select Add students at the bottom of the page.

Tip: If you enter an email address, your student(s) will receive a copy of their login information.

Step 2 Log in as a student

There are two ways to log in as a student:

  1. From the Admin account

  2. By logging in at or on the iPad app with the user's username and password

  1. From the Administrator account (best for when you are sharing the same computer)

Visit the Students menu and select Login as this student

Choose Yes

You will be logged out of your Administrator account and logged in to the Student account.

2. Alternatively, a student user can log in separately to TTRS using their own username and password. For example, when the student wants to log in using another computer.

From the Administrator account, visit Actions > Print Passwords on the Students menu to view the login details of different students.

The student can log in using their username and password on a computer by visiting or by downloading the TTRS app for iPads.

Using the TTRS Course as an Administrator

As an Administrator, you will also have full access to the TTRS Course. We recommend that parents complete the first 10 modules of level 1 (around 10 minutes) before their students start, to get the feel of the program.

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