Print wordlists from modules

Print or send TTRS wordlists

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You can print or save the words taught in any TTRS level.

This is useful if you want to:

  • Check familiarity with words before starting a new level

  • Test a student's spelling before and after they have completed a level

  • Share the list with a teacher, parent, assessor, or language therapist

  1. In the Admin account, select the level from the dropdown list and then click on the printer icon

2. On the pop-up screen, you can choose between printing out all of the modules or select words from specific modules only. In addition, you can choose between all new words introduced in that level, or a random number of new words.

3. Select Print. You will have an options to save the wordlist as a PDF file on your computer, send it by email or print it out.

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