Achievements and trophies

Obtaining trophies

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Students earn trophies when they complete levels.

Trophies can be bronze, silver, or gold.

Bronze is achieved with a score of between 1-50%
Silver is achieved with a score of 51-79%
Gold is achieved with a score of 80% or above

Note: The default pass rate for each module in the TTRS Course is 80% - so by default a completed level will result in a gold trophy.

There are 4 large trophies to collect. The first large trophy is collected when the student has completed the first 6 levels. 

When you click on a trophy, you will see more details. An example is shown below.

Using the Generate & Share button you can issue the completion certificate that comes with the trophy.

Note: Students can also access their trophies from My Stats page and selecting Overall achievements 

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