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Solutions for Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers if you can't hear the words in the a module

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If you hear no sound or you can't hear the words in a module, please check:

  • If your speakers / headphones are working correctly and are turned up

  • Speech is turned on in settings

If there is still no sound playing, please refer to your browser below:

Safari (Mac)

  1. Click Safari then Settings for This Website...

2. Click Auto-Play to check if the option "Allow All Auto-Play" is selected. 

Chrome (Mac/PC)

Click on the secure button next to the address bar and check if Sound is set to Allow

Firefox (Mac/PC)

Solution 1

Check permissions for autoplay audio is set to Allow Audio and Video when clicking on the i symbol next to the address bar.

Solution 2

Click Settings, Privacy & Security, and untick Block websites automatically playing sound.

Solution 3:

Alternatively, click Exceptions and add and then click Allow and then click Save Changes.

For other browsers, please contact us.

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