When you sign up for the TTRS Course you are automatically provided with an Administrator (Admin) account. However, if you are a parent, we recommend that you also create a student account for your child. 

This will enable you to track their progress and receive reports on their activity. If your child has already started using the course under an Admin account, that's okay. You can easily transfer their progress to a student account - click here to learn more.

Step 1 - Create a student account

Under the Admin account - Select Students on the top menu, select Add new students then select Add manually from the drop down menu. 

Enter your child's name, then select Add students at the bottom of the page.

Tip: If you enter an email address, your child will receive a copy of their login information

2. Log in to your child's account

There are two ways to log in to your child's account:

  1. Log in from the Admin account (or)

  2. Log in on another device using your child's username and password

1. Log in from the Admin account

From the Admin account (best for when you are sharing the same computer)

Visit the Students menu then select Log in as your child

Select Yes

You will be logged out of your Admin account and logged in to your child's account.

2. Log in using another computer / iPad

Alternatively, your child can log in separately to TTRS using their own username and password. 

From the Admin account, visit Actions > Print Passwords on the Students menu to view your child's login details

Your child can log in using their username and password on a computer visiting www.ttrsonline.com or by downloading the TTRS app for iPads.

Parents can use TTRS too!

As a parent, you have full access to the TTRS Course through your Admin account. We recommend you complete the first 10 modules of Level 1 (this takes around 10 minutes) before your child starts, to get a feel for the program.

Learn about the structure of the levels 

It's also important to consider the best Settings for your child when he or she is using TTRS. 

For example, 

  • Choose from different dyslexia-friendly fonts

  • Turn off the on-screen hand-displays (this is good for when they have mastered the position of the keys and are confident enough to type without visual prompts)

  • Turn on 'Remember and Repeat' to help with spelling (in this setting they type a word and then it disappears and they have to type it again from memory)

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