Clearing the cache on your browser should fix most general issues:

Step 1 - A simple cache rest

Step 2 - An advanced Cache reset

Step 3 - Try another browser or device

  1. Simple Cache reset

To clear the cache on your browser:

Windows: Ctrl+R

Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R

If you are still having issues, please select the advanced cache reset below:

2. Advanced cache reset

If you are still have issues, please follow the instructions below to perform an advanced cache reset on your browser:

Google Chrome : Provide instructions here for clearing your cache

Internet Explorer: Microsoft provide instructions here for clearing your Internet Explorer cache

Mozilla Firefox: Mozilla provide instructions for clearing your cache

Safari (Mac only)

1. Launch Safari

2. Click the Safari menu

3. Select Empty Cache

4. Click the Empty button in the dialogue box that confirms the deletion of your cache

5. When finished, close all your browser windows, and launch a new browser window.

3. Login to using another browser (Chrome or Firefox)

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