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Using the iPad app for Administrators
Using the iPad app for Administrators

Getting started with the iPad app

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Before asking your students to start the TTRS course on the iPad, we highly recommend that a keyboard is connected to the iPad.

Offline usage

One of the benefits of the TTRS iPad app is that once you have logged in, the program also works offline so you don’t need an Internet connection.


The main menu is at the bottom of the screen. Touch an icon to open one of one of the menu options.


Viewing student data

Tap a name to see the statistics for an individual students

From this screen you can:

  • Add new students 

  • View the username and password of the user

  • View the full statistics of the user

  • Change a password or delete the user from the Actions menu

Tap a level to see more details

Tap Back to return to the Students screen

Classes (Education and Tutor licence only)

From this screen you can:

  • View your current classes

  • Add a new class

Adding a new class

To add a new class tap New Class and enter the name in the pop-up window, then tap Create

Viewing a class

Tap on a class to view the students and class statistics

From this screen you can use the Actions menu to:

  • Rename a class

  • Delete a class

  • Invite a new user

  • Add existing users 

  • View passwords

Tap Back to return to the Classes screen

TTRS Course

From this screen you can:

  • Start or resume the TTRS course

  • View the stats of current levels

  • See an overview of all levels

Viewing stats

To view the stats of a specific level, tap the level. Swipe across to see other levels

Continuing progress

Tap Continue from inside a level's box to resume progress on that level

Show all levels

Tap Show All Levels to see individual levels in a list format

The percentage represents the average score across each level

Tap on a level to see progress on individual modules displayed in a grid format

A green tick indicates a completed level

Tap on a module to start that module

Tap Back to return to the previous menu


From this screen you can:

  • Set the configurations for your personal teacher account

  • Adjust the default settings for your students 

Tap Personal or Student to change the settings for you or your students

Tap Restore to default settings to return to the default settings

Help and support

When you are using TTRS, help and support is just a tap away. Find the blue icon on the bottom right-hand side of the menu to open up a chat window where you can speak to a TTRS representative. If a representative is not available, you will receive an email with their reply.

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