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Understand several ways to view your student's statistics

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There are several ways to view your student's statistics. They can be accessed from the Students menu of your Admin console, as well as the My Stats section of a student’s user console.

Admin screen

Tracking progress in real time

From Admin or Teacher accounts, you can track user progress in real-time. Select the Students menu, and then select a student's name to view their statistics.

From the top of the statistics screen you can see:

  • When the student was last online

  • The student's username and password

  • Their overall achievements, including current progress and total time spent on the course

  • Options to block the account, unlock all levels, and select the next module

Scroll down to view more information:

  • A graph and table view of current scores

  • Today's modules completed

  • If you select All, you can view all of the statistics on one page

Alternatively, you can monitor their progress via the My Stats section of their student account.

Interpreting the statistics

Please note there is no way for TTRS to report the cause of an incorrectly typed letter or key on an admin reports. Mistakes may be the result of a spelling error or a typing error. For this reason, we advise admins to take note of letters/keys which frequently come up as problematic and the words in which they appear. It might also help to observe the student as they are typing, paying careful attention to finger placement for the problematic letters/keys.

Printing the statistics 

Student statistics can be printed and taken home. This evidence can be a great boost to self-esteem between lessons.

To print stats:

  • Select a level you wish to print or select 'All' to print all stats 

  • Select the Actions menu on the top right

  • Select Print stats

Select Print on the bottom left hand side.

Note: If you have a black and white printer - tick the box Black and White - this ensures that the graphs are printed correctly.

Sorting the statistics

The statistics data can be re-ordered by clicking on any of the column headings to rearrange how the values are displayed.

For example, click the WPM column heading to find a student’s personal best speed. Just keep in mind, it’s important to stress to the student that accuracy is more important than speed, particularly in the early part of the course. Speed will come gradually as the student masters accuracy.

Other options from the Actions menu

Send a message - If you want to send a message to the student learn more about messaging

Log in as this student 

  • This is useful if you want to quickly log in to the student account.  Note, this will log you out of your Admin account.

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