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Test your students before and after each level to see progress

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There are 24 spelling tests, one for each level in the TTRS Course. Each test consists of 20 random words.

Admin or Teacher account

If you are an adult user using the Admin account, select a level from the dropdown list first and then click Spelling Assessment to start.

Student account

On a student account, click on the TTRS Course menu, select an unlocked level, and then click on the Spelling Assessment button on the top right of the screen. 

Note: If a student needs to access a spelling assessment for later levels, by default, the admin or teacher will need to unlock these. Learn more about this here

During the assessment:

  • You will be presented with a blank screen and will hear the first wordplay.

  • Type the word and press ‘enter’ on your keyboard to submit

  • Press number ‘2’ on the keyboard to repeat the word

  • You will not see the on-screen keyboard and you cannot preview a word during a test. 

  • There will also be no red letters showing a mistake unlike in a normal module.

At the end of the test, you will be presented with a score with the list of words entered. Any mistakes are shown together with the correctly spelt word.

The test can be repeated as many times as required. When you repeat a test, the same words will be tested – and the score will show a comparison with the previous test. 

To view previous test results, click the back button as shown below.

If the test is repeated at a later date, 20 random words will be generated again.

The list of all the tests taken can be found under ‘My stats’ for the student – Under ‘Tests’

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