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How to add teachers and assign classes

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Teacher accounts are available online for Education subscriptions.

Administrators can add an unlimited number of teachers to their accounts. 

Teachers have full access to the course, can add new students, and view classes assigned to them.

The Administrator will need to assign teachers to a class in order for them to view existing student accounts.

Adding teachers

Here is a video tutorial about how to add teachers or you can continue to follow the steps below.

Select Teachers on the top menu, then select Invite Teachers.

Enter the name and email address of the teacher(s) then select Invite.

An email will be sent to each teacher with a username, password, and instructions for logging in. 

Assigning classes

If you have previously added classes to your account, you can assign teachers to one or more groups.

Underneath each teacher's name select Manages x class(es) and then Edit list of classes.

Tick the classes you want to assign, then select Save.

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