Typing and coordination

How to support learners with coordination difficulties

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Approach One: 

The following may help if motivation with your support can be maintained

  1. Repeat the first and early modules (in Level 1) over and over again until the scores increase to above 50% or 60% before moving on. 

  2. If the above is successful, continue this long-term plan over Levels 1 and 2 until fine motor coordination has been developed sufficiently to proceed to higher levels.

Approach Two:

The following may help if motivation with your support cannot be maintained, your student is above seven years of age and you have already tried the first approach listed above:

  1. With your support and positive encouragement, take all emphasis off touch typing. Allow your student to use whichever fingers work for him/her with complete comfort. This may be one finger on each hand. 

  2.  In maintaining motivation, success, and satisfaction, celebrate their increasing scores.

  3. Look for the benefits of increasing literacy and development over the levels of the course through the multi-sensory approach. 

Approach Three

If the second approach is successful, choose the right time to return to the start of the course (Level 1, Module 1) and try the first approach again.

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