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  1. Reinforce where necessary the basics of the correct home key position with "GH" -"Good Hands" in the middle

  2. Reinforce when necessary, correct finger usage - one finger at a time – return a finger to the home key before moving another

  3. Ask the student to read the words aloud as the type to reinforce phonemic awareness

  4. Look for opportunities to offer praise - no achievement is too small!

  5. Explain the program and enable the student to feel in charge of his or her course

  6. Show the student where to put their login username and password for the next session and explain how the course will remember their progress point

  7. Explain the meaning of the three bars on the screen. (Progress and % Score)

  8. Make sure that no modules are missed and that the student knows how to go back manually and complete any they skip

  9. Once the course is underway, pick the right moment to explain more of the settings and how they can be adjusted to alter the challenge level

  10. Regularly ask to see the student's history to evaluate and give feedback, praise and support

  11. Guide the student toward feeling in control of his or her learning

  12. Always make sure the user corrects mistakes as they go along

  13. Encourage the student to take the screen hands away after reaching level three (or later if appropriate to their progress and motivation)

  14. Those users whose spelling level is above Level 3 and are able to touch-type should have the choice to unlock and jump to another level if they prefer

  15. Show the student how they can use the “Remember and Repeat” (RR) option in settings to learn the spelling of difficult words

  16. Pressing number 2 on the keyboard will repeat the current word in any module and number 5 will show the words on screen for a dictation module

  17. Endeavour to have the student stop before becoming too tired, even if this means finishing the session much earlier than anticipated

  18. Ensure that the student finishes on a positive note, that their bar graph is showing the score on the screen and that they come away with a feeling of success

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