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We've written some very popular posts on our blog about how to get the most out of touch-typing. We've hand-picked these to get you started:

TTRS typing - how is it different from other typing programs? - TTRS stands for Touch-type Read and Spell and is different from traditional typing programs in a few ways. For one, the words in TTRS lessons are whole words instead of nonsense key combinations. In this way, you can learn to spell as you learn to type.

How to practice typing - typing is one of those skills that takes practice to learn. There’s never been an individual, the world’s fastest typists included, who sat down at a keyboard and immediately began typing.

How long does it take to touch-type? - Have you ever met an individual who can type on a keyboard without looking down at his or her fingers?

Finger placement for typing - If you are considering learning how to touch type, then you’re probably aware there is a certain base position in which to rest your fingers so they can reach all of the keys on the keyboard. But becoming a pro at typing requires more than just knowing which finger sits on which key.

The touch-typing method vs. Two finger typing - One of the main differences between the touch-typing method of keyboarding and two-fingered typing is in how you allocate your attention while you work at the computer. When you type with two or more fingers, also known as the “hunt and peck” approach, your attention is split between visually scanning for keys, looking at the screen, and/or looking at any additional materials you are reading or copying from.

How to avoid wrist pain when typing - Following instructions in safe typing practice is the first step in avoiding wrist pain, but it can also help to employ some computer workspace accommodations, such as getting an ergonomic keyboard, fitted desks and chair, and/or gel wrist pad.

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