The weekly goal and flame streak feature is designed to keep students engaged and encourage them to log in regularly. 

Each user has a weekly goal which is set by the Administrator or Teacher. 

  • The default weekly goal is set to 15 modules

  • A flame + number indicates the number of weeks in a row that the goal has been reached 

Setting the weekly goal

The default number of modules to complete is 15. However, this can be increased or reduced as required.

In the User Settings for adult learners, enter a number under 'Weekly goal settings.'

Under the Administrator account for Parents and Teachers of Child Users, select Settings, Student and enter a number under "Weekly goal settings."

Notes to consider

  • For administrators of more than one student, there is currently just the option to set one weekly goal for all learners

  • The goal feature is only available for student accounts and not for Admin or Teacher accounts

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