TTRS is organised into 24 levels each comprising of 31 modules. Each module contains words organised into groups of spelling patterns. Students practice typing these patterns using the correct fingering for touch-typing. At the end of every 4 modules, there is a dictation module to reinforce patterns previously practised. 

The first 8 modules of Level 1 include multi-sensory tuition to establish touch-typing skills which are then acquired in the first 2 levels.

Each student is given a personal access login and can review the record of accomplishment and progress with ease.

The course begins with CVC (Consonant ­Vowel ­Consonant) words and progresses through the word lists used in the text ­book Alpha to Omega by Dr Beve Hornsby and Frula Shear.

The keyboard and screen may be customised for sensory comfort and to provide support.

This course is designed for students who also have difficulty synthesising phonemes. By engaging the skill of touch-typing it aims to provide an additional avenue of learning. Touch-­typing is an important skill for many dyslexic people with literacy difficulties.

How is TTRS structured?

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