There are three ways that a student can log in:

  1.  Using their own username/email and password 

  2.  From the Admin account

  3.  By downloading the free iPad app and logging in using the student's username and password

(Note, if your student has started the course on the Admin account, you can easily transfer this data to a student account. To do this, follow the link here)

1. Log in using the student username and password

Students can log in separately to TTRS using their own username and password.

From the Admin account, visit Actions > Print Passwords on the Students menu to view the log in details of different students.

The user can log in using their username and password on a computer visiting or by downloading the TTRS app for iPads.

2. Log in from the Admin account

Visit the Students menu and click Login as this student

Choose Yes

You will be logged out of your Admin account and logged in to the Student account.

Learn how to download the free iPad App

Student success checklist

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