Equipment requirements

Furnishing your learning environment with the right equipment will be an important part of your pre-class preparations.

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Getting the right equipment

If you are planning to run classroom based TTRS sessions, then furnishing your learning environment with the right equipment will be an important part of your pre-class preparations.

Similarly, as a virtual tutor, it is essential that you are able to provide guidance and advice to home users, so that they can work comfortably and without injury.


TTRS program runs on all of the popular web browsers (Chrome,  Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge). You can use a Mac or a PC computer with speakers or headphones.

An iPad app is also available but will require a separate Bluetooth keyboard. 


If you are using a laptop, consider attaching a separate USB or Bluetooth keyboard.

This means the keyboard can sit at desk level, whilst the laptop is elevated to eye level using some form of laptop riser.

An external keyboard will be easier for adult hands to manage.


Seating should be height adjustable if possible to allow the student to rest their feet flat on the floor, with arms at a comfortable desk level.

Equipment adjustments 

Be prepared to make reasonable equipment adjustments for those with specific needs.

An example might be to have a high contrast, large print keyboard available for use by those with visual impairments.

This type of equipment adaptation is easily achieved by using commercially available large font stickers on a standard keyboard. 

Equipment adaptations

It may be that you intend to hire a training room, use school facilities, tutor someone at their home, or that you are operating within a limited equipment budget.

If this is the case, you will find yourself needing to adapt existing equipment to suit your teaching purposes.

Think carefully about how you can apply the principles of good posture and create a comfortable workstation using the equipment you have available.

For students with specific needs you may need to provide the following or recommend these to remote users:

  • Footrests

  • Wristrests

  • Monitor stands

  • Laptop Risers

Tutor specific information

If you are a tutor considering running classes in your own independent TTRS Centre or integrating the course into your 1:1 tutoring practice, see the information specifically for Tutors on the website.

There is an option for working in partnership if you are considering space rental.

To help you make the right equipment choices, see the Injury Prevention lesson which covers many of the aspects that make up a safe working environment.

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