A summary of some of the updates we have made to the TTRS Course. As TTRS is hosted online, clients always have the latest version and updates are made automatically.



  • {Improvement} Share subjects with specific student or classes learn more

  • {Improvement} Parent registration forms learn more

  • Module descriptors for the Main TTRS Course learn more

  • {New subject} : Dolch words learn more

  • {New subject} : Numbers, Numerals and Digits learn more

  • {New} New iPhone and Android app released: TTRS Reporting learn more

  • {Improvement} Faster loading times of up to 3.5x speed improvements learn more

  • {New} Weekly email reports learn more

  • {New subjects} New English Subjects released. A Parts-of-Speech Adventure Story and Parts-of-Speech English Grammar Overview learn more

  • {New} Voices added for UK and US dialects learn more

  • {Improvement} Updates to the main TTRS Course, including additional module teaching place names to level 24 learn more

  • {Improvement} iPad update which includes module stars, updated menus and dictionary support learn more


  • {New subject} Winter themed modules released

  • {Improvement} Add students using a sharable link - learn more

  • {New} Create your own typing modules - learn more

  • {New} Free-writing exercises - learn more

  • {New} Weekly goals and flame - learn more

  • {New} Module Stars - learn more

  • {Improvement} Option to hide the clock in a module learn more

  • {Improvement} Updated student dashboard

  • {Improvement} Spelling assessment improvements 


  • {New} Achievement trophies, progress and level certificates. Learn more

  • {New subject} Phonics Practice released for UK and US - Lesson description: Revision of Dolch words and practice with -dge, -ge, g/j words and the 's' sound spelt as c.

  • {Improvement} Mobile optimised screens for all menus to check progress on the go

  • {New subject} New Math/Maths subjects added for US and UK - Motivational Math/Maths and Math/Maths facts

  • {New subject} New subjects feature announced, including Math/Maths, English, and Science levels

  • {Improvement} New keyboards (French and Spanish)

  • {Improvement} Ability to transfer statistics from an Admin account to a student account

  • {New} Dictionary feature added

  • {New} Teacher accounts for Education subscribers 

  • {Improvement} New billing menu for Education subscribers


  • {New} log in as this user option for home subscribers 

  • {Improvement} Added new modules to level 24 of the USA version

  • {New} status page added

  • New Generate certificates for students

  • {New} Simplified billing menu for home subscribers

  • Support for high resolution screens (Version 2)

  • {New} Ability to block all users by class (Education and Tutor subscriptions)

  • {Improvement}Added support option for version 2 design

  • {New} Released a brand new iPad App which includes a new design and offline access for the first time

  • {New} "Click here" to resume - If the student clicks outside the TTRS window, a box appears to ask them to click on the window to continue typing

  • {New} New design (version 2) released

  • {New} Messaging feature for Administrators and Students to communicate with eachother in real time


  • {Improvement} Removed Adobe Flash requirement to use the TTRS course

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